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Rental Services (Computer,Laptop,Server & Dialer)

Sri Sai Solution is one of the leaders in Computer Hire, Laptop Hire, LCD Hire and Server Hire and Laptops on Rent. Corporates as well as individulas can hire a Laptop on Rent, Desktops on Rent, Servers on Rent. Desktop Rentals, Laptop Rental, Server Rentals are our specialty!

Computer Services

It is extremely important for one to be really careful, while selecting Computer Services for inexperience, lack of expertise and the usage of non-guaranteed components might cause permanent damage to a computer. Hence, to serve our worthy clients with dependable solutions, we bring forth a high utility array of world-class Computer Services that can be relied on blindfolded for being timely imparted with seasoned professional expertise, a personal touch, branded replacements and absolute cost-effectiveness.

Computer Repairing Services

Like every other machine, your laptop or your desktop computer demands regular servicing for non-stop performance. Armed with experienced professional support, derived from seasoned hardware and software specialists, we are offering a comprehensive gamut of Computer Repairing Services to take care of diverse computer hardware and software repair needs of our precious clients. Promptly rendered, only after complete comprehension of the client's needs, our Computer Repairing Services have enabled us, create a unique identity for ourselves in markets of the day.

Laptop Repairing Services

In this world run by computers, hell breaks loose every time your laptop fails you, starts ill-functioning and then, it is only logical to expect you go haywire looking for a quick and a dependable solution. With all this in mind, we bring forth a range of reliable industry-acclaimed Laptop Repairing Services, the promptest and the most effective of professional computer hardware and software repair solutions available in the industry at the moment. Seasoned expertise, speedy solutions and economy are popular attributes of our Laptop Repairing Services.

Monitor Repair Service (Desktop, TFT & LED Monitor etc. )

The slightest variation in the output of a monitor is often, enough to push the user into looking for an instant solution to get back to work, as soon as possible. With years of troubleshooting experience and relevant expertise in repairing Desktop, TFT, LED and all other forms of monitors, we have evolved as the most dependable provider of Monitor Repair Services in markets of the day. A perfect combination of timeliness, comprehensive technical support and a cost-effective approach, remains the biggest draw to our gamut of Monitor Repair Services.

Computer AMC Services

In this automated era, every faction of the industry is almost mechanized to the teeth. In this context, Computer AMC Services for the periodic maintenance of computer hardware housed in corporate structures, industrial plants, academic and financial institutions and public utility service setups, evolves absolutely necessary for maintaining business operations free from technical hitches. So, with an amplified focus on the scaling demand for dependable computer maintenance providers, we bring forth a spectrum of Computer AMC Services that are budget-tailored to suit both, personal and commercial needs of our esteemed clients.

Virus Removal Service

The scaling popularity and utility of the World Wide Web has increased the vulnerability of computing devices to frequent and fatal virus attacks that may result in the loss of valuable data and an immediate and a profound deterioration in their overall performance. Armed with the latest anti-virus software packages and e-tools, we are offering a unique Viral Removal Service to ensure optimum counts of operational safety to your computer, and all the data stored within. This Viral Removal Service is promptly imparted by experienced professionals at unbeatable service rates.

PC Repair Services

Today, the PC is as important as the pen for both, students and professionals, alike. Most of the work at corporate houses and modern urban academic institutions is done on computers for effective utilization of time and enhanced mobility and access, anywhere and everywhere. So, to relieve our clients of the blues of PC troubleshooting and repair, we are offering effective and timely PC Repair Services. Popular across the market, our PC Repair Services are value-for-money for their professional touch, apart from being dependable, quick and cost-effective.

Motherboard Repairs

A slightest malfunctioning of the motherboard can cause all the work on a computer to come to a screeching halt. Equipped with necessary expertise and the relevant tools, we undertake Motherboard Repairs with complete responsibility. As renowned providers of professional services for Motherboard Repairs, we have been able to satisfactorily serve respectable clients from each and every pocket of the industry.

Computer Networking Services

With an objective to cater to the escalating demand for high-end computing support, we are offering a range of effective Computer Networking Services. Imparted by networking specialists from the industry, using relevant leading-edge computing technology, our Computer Networking Services have evolved immensely popular amongst clients across the country.

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